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Requirements for advertising modules
Magasine "Poultry"
9 issues a year
Number of pages - 52
Format - 215x305
Advertising in full colour
                                                             Cover                                                         Size
                                                             First                                                               220x220
                                                           Second                                                             220x310
                                                            Third                                                               220x310
                                                          Fourth                                                              220x310
           Inside magasine   
                                                   A4 (оne page)                                                        220x310
                                       1/2 (vertical or horizontal)                                           85x220 or 180x125
We can give discounts only if the advertiser puts up the advertisement in all 12 issues of the year.
The advertising should be made in program Photoshop (tiff or jpg) 300-350 dpi or Illustrator.
If you send us a letter with the numbers of issues with your publications, size, your phone number, we will contact you and sign a contract. 
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